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Dr. Huong Vo, DDS, Houston Dentist

Dr. Vo grew up with her grandmother from Orlando, Florida when she left Vietnam in 1997. With full of love from her grandmother, parents, a little brother, aunts and uncles, Dr. Vo always dedicates, and studies hard from her first day in the United States. No matter how hard she learned during her school years life, she always tried her best. After completing college and a General Practice Residency, she decided to practice her general dentistry in Houston, TX as her Home. She has her great husband, and lovely two sons. To her, family is very important and a center of love. Therefore, she really cares for her staff members and each patient who comes to her. She treats all her patients as her family member. She is passionate about making every patient’s visit a pleasant and positive experience. At Oral Family Dental, Dr. Vo spends quality time with each patient to ensure her patient is informed and comfortable throughout the treatment process. Her nurturing nature is ideal for children and adults. She looks forward to not only relieving your dental pain, but also helping you enjoy a stronger, and healthier smile.